American Leadership Academy is passionate about helping students develop leadership skills. In order to do so, we utilize a number of highly recognized and proven leadership books including: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Man's Search for Meaning, The Energy Bus, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Good to Great, and Leadership and Self Deception. These books help students identify what is truly important, learn principles of personal and interpersonal effectiveness, and take charge of their own success.


The world is looking for true leaders.

At American Leadership Academy, we are developing them.

Leadership principles are woven into the fabric of everything at ALA. Evidence of this is found anywhere from leadership quotes and principles emblazoned on the walls of each hallway, to the way students interact with each other…and if you happen to enter a classroom during the day, don’t be surprised if you are welcomed by a classroom greeter. This is just one of dozens of leadership roles that students fulfill, all aimed at developing their leadership skills.


As students participate in sports, clubs, fine-arts and other extra-curricular activities, they are given real-life opportunities to put leadership skills into action. More importantly, students are given opportunities to serve each other and their community. People often comment on how different ALA schools feel in comparison to other schools—that there is something special about them. We feel this difference is defined by our emphasis on leadership.


At the heart of ALA’s leadership philosophy is servant-leadership. Servant-leaders are servants first, unlike traditional leaders, who are leaders first—and self-centric. Servant-leaders put the needs of others before their own, aiding and enabling them to perform as effectively as possible.

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