What will the daily schedule be?


Grades K-5 will begin school at 8:00am and get out at 3:00pm. Grades 6-8 will begin school at 8:20 and get out at 3:20pm. AM kindergarten will go from 8-11 and PM kindergarten will go from 12-3.


Will there be busing at the new campus?


American Leadership Academy North Las Vegas will not provide busing services.


Will ALA have before/after school care?


American Leadership Academy will be partnering with Champion’s to provide both before and after-school care. Please visit www.discoverchampions.com to learn more and register today!


When will you start hiring teachers?


The hiring process has begun!  We have been amazed at the incredible talent that has come forward wanting to be a part of this team.  Those interested in being a part of creating the greatest school in the country should apply here.


What are the school colors and mascot?


We are the Patriots and our school colors will be red, white, and blue.


Will students wear uniforms?


Yes, the same dress and appearance standards apply at all ALA schools.  Red, white, blue and gray collared shirts are the standard.  Click here to learn more about our uniforms.


When can I register?


Registration began in January and the school is currently running wait lists in all grade levels. To et your child on the wait list, please complete the online enrollment form.


Will American Leadership Academy serve special needs students?


At American Leadership Academy, we do not discriminate against any student. We will operate a special education program and will work with parents to find the best placement for their children.


Will American Leadership Academy offer extra-curricular activities?


Yes! The American Leadership Academy campuses in Arizona have developed what many would consider the most robust extra-curricular offering of any charter school in the United States. Here in Nevada, we hope to replicate that success. What will be offered will vary based on demand, community support, and available resources. We look forward to working with our staff and the community to provide the best extra-curricular programs in the State of Nevada.


When does school start?


School will begin August 14, 2017.


What is the cutoff date for Kindergarten students to turn five?


 Nevada Revised Statute states: "A child who is 5 years of age on or before September 30 of a school year may be admitted to kindergarten at the beginning of that school year, and the child’s enrollment must be counted for purposes of apportionment. If a child is not 5 years of age on or before September 30 of a school year, the child must not be admitted to kindergarten."


Who do I talk to if I have additional questions about the new campus?


Our campus Director, Jeremy Christensen will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  You can reach him at jchristensen@alanevada.org or you can call the office at 702-533-1896.


How to I get to the enrollment trailer?


The enrollment trailer can only be accessed from the south side of the property, see the diagram below.




777 E Ann Rd, North Las Vegas NV 89081   |    702.533.1896