At American Leadership Academy, we believe that parents bear the primary

 responsibility to educate their children and that we are merely partners

 in this effort. As partners, we strive to create an environment that supports

 the family.

“Often we think that knowledge is power,but I wonder if it is not more correct in this vigorous, hard, complex age to say that it is character that is power, for mind without heart, intelligence without conduct, cleverness without goodness—all of these have worrisome, dangerous flaws.”

-Joseph Rosenblatt, Industrialist




We are fundamentally patriotic in nature. We believe in the ideas outlined in the founding documents of our country and the great men who gave them form. We celebrate those, both past and present, that fight to establish and preserve our liberties.





ALA-NLV is an educational institution focused on developing students with broad range of knowledge and the training to apply that knowledge in meaningful ways. Students at ALA-NLV receive a classical education that helps them recognize truth, goodness, and beauty in the world around them. It also helps them recognize proper logic, avoid deception, and develop a life-long love of learning.

The world is seeking out those with the character and skills necessary to lead us into the future. At ALA-NLV, we help students develop the leadership skills necessary to answer that call.


ALA seeks to provide a moral and wholesome environment to all students. To succeed in this effort takes more that a program, it takes a school culture that is embedded into everything that we do - from the facilities to the curriculum. If you want to learn more about the importance of school culture and climate, we refer you to the following texts:

Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong (1993)

William Kilpatrick

Shaping School Culture (2009)

Terrence E. Deal &

Kent D. Peterson

The Book of Virtues (1996)

William J. Bennett

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