ALA NLV Enrollment Policy

Enrollment Policy


American Leadership Academy, North Las Vegas (ALA-NLV) is a public charter school serving student in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.




American Leadership Academy does not discriminate in its admissions or enrollment practices on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, gender, income level, disability, English proficiency, artistic or athletic ability.


Application Process


Students interested in attending ALA-NLV shall complete and submit an application to the school. Applications forms can be accessed at the school’s website, or at the front desk of the campus. All applications must be complete to be considered received. Applications will be time-stamped upon receipt.


The pre-enrollment period for the school will extend from the first Monday in January till the last Friday in March. At this time, a determination will be made if a lottery is necessary based on the number of applications received. If the number of applications is less than the student capacity of the school, students shall be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis pursuant to NAC 386.353.


If a lottery is necessary, one will be performed during the first week of April and the results disseminated to school stakeholders. Enrollment priority will be established through the lottery process and seats backfilled throughout the year based on the established priority. Applications received after the lottery will be placed at the end of the wait list based upon date and time received. ALA-NLV will not close, cap, delay, postpone, or otherwise limit student enrollment except as allowed un NAC 386.353.


Enrollment Priorities


The children of Board Members and school staff shall be exempt from the lottery process. The number of students exempt under this clause may not exceed five percent of the student population.


Returning students and the siblings of returning students shall be exempt from the lottery process.


Admittance of students exempt from the lottery process is contingent upon capacity. Returning students shall have priority over new students who are exempt from the lottery process. Exempt students that fail to re-enroll or enroll prior to the lottery risk having their spots re-allocated to incoming students.


In the event of a lottery, consideration shall be given to the siblings of students drawn in the lottery in order to avoid separation of families.


All applications shall be drawn during the lottery process and assigned an enrollment priority. Once all spaces for a specific grade level are full, a waitlist shall be created using the enrollment priority established during the lottery. Wait lists shall be operated on a grade-level basis to ensure the maximum number of students may be admitted to the school.


Applications received following the completion of the lottery will be granted priority on a first-come, first-serve basis for the school year for which the lottery was operated. For grade levels where wait lists were established during the lottery process, late application will be appended to the end of the wait list on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Exempt students that submit their applications after the completion of the lottery shall be given priority placement in the waitlist of the grade for which they are applying but shall not supplant students that were extended acceptance in the lottery process.


Acceptance and Confirmation of Enrollment


Students accepted into American Leadership Academy shall be notified via electronic mail or phone call. Following notification of admittance, students will be required to provide additional documentation including:


            • Student’s original birth certificate or passport (no copies)

            • Health Information form

            • Immunization records (See NRS 392.435)

            • Copy of any existing Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan, if applicable

            • Proof of Residency (utility bill, rent receipt, or lease/sales contract

            • Completed enrollment form including handbook acceptance


Following notification of acceptance, students have ten business days to confirm acceptance and complete all necessary documentation. Failure to complete the necessary documentation within this time frame may result in loss of priority.



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