"Charter schools are unique public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for advancing student achievement. Because they are public schools, they are:


Open to all children;

Do not charge tuition; and

Do not have special entrance requirements.


Charter schools were created to help improve our nation’s public school system and offer parents another public school option to better meet their child’s specific needs. The core of the charter school model is the belief that public schools should be held accountable for student learning. In exchange for this accountability, school leaders should be given freedom to do whatever it takes to help students achieve and should share what works with the broader public school system so that all students benefit." (www.publiccharters.org)














First, just like traditional district schools, not all charter schools are created equal. Since charter schools have more latitude to create their own program of instruction, they vary widely in focus, quality, and outcomes. Parents and students should carefully review a charter school's mission, vision, and program of instruction before enrolling. Charter schools aren't made to be a one-size-fits-all solution, so a little research is required to make sure the school aligns with what you are searching for.


American Leadership Academy has the advantage of already being established in Arizona where is has been recognized as one of the top-performing charter school programs in the state as well as in the top 6% of all school districts in the state, both traditional and charter. American Leadership Academy - North Las Vegas will build upon the model established in Arizona to create a high-performing charter school network in Nevada.

Second, charter schools are accountable for results. Charter schools were created as a form of educational reform based on free-market principles. Charter schools are paid based on enrollment. If a charter school fails to provide a quality education to students, it is highly likely that students won't attend the school anymore. Without revenue, poor performing charter schools are forced to close.


Additionally, charter schools are required to demonstrate academic performance as a component of the State's Charter School Performance Framework. School's that fail to meet performance guidelines are subject to penalties and even closure. As such, charter school's are accountable for obtaining results.




Read through this website. If you agree with our mission and vision and want your child to receive a classical education in a moral and wholesome environment, then join us. If you feel that leadership development is important, then join us. If you want to be part of a movement to improve education across the nation, then join us.

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